Otrada Invites Student Interns

Otrada Group offers training and development opportunities to both accomplished specialists and young talents, who now have a chance to unlock their career potential from early on. For several years, the Company has been working closely with leading Lipetsk universities, taking part in career guidance events and inviting interns.
This year the Company has first invited intern students to work at its farms during summer. Students from the Voronezh Agricultural University and Kon-Kolodez Agricultural School will be employed for the period of internship, provided with accommodation at the Company’s expense, and assigned to farms. They will also be briefed on safety, given tutors and have a clear list of duties.
Internship in the Company is an opportunity for would-be graduates to have a hands-on experience, learn more about Otrada’s activities, and collect information for their term papers and graduate theses. As for the Company, inviting student interns is a way to form a pool of employment candidates by training talented students from Russian agricultural universities and preparing them to work at farms.
“Would-be veterinarians and zootechnicians will have an opportunity to acquire practical experience, learn to use advanced machinery and equipment, establish themselves as employment candidates, and earn money,” says Konstantin Burtsev, HR Director of Otrada Group.