19 000 ha of land

Otrada farms 19,000 ha of land in Dobrinka and Stanovoe (Lipetsk).

The land is used to grow pig feed ingredients:

Grain crops (energy)
Oil bearing crops and legumes (proteins)

Striving to be totally self-sufficient, Otrada produces more than 100% of grain needed to feed its pigs.

We follow sustainable agriculture practices in our crop farming operations:
  • Controlled traffic farming (all our machines have a width multiple of 12 m) to avoid compaction and preserve natural properties of soil.
  • Use of cover crops to maintain organic soil content and reduce the need for cultivation/ploughing.
  • Minimum tillage (aiming towards direct seeding) to keep moisture and worms in the soil.
  • Replacement of most chemical fertilizers with pig manure to increase organic soil content.

All machinery is imported from Europe as we strive to have the most advanced production tools to optimize productivity and fully control the condition of land we use:

Excessive arable land is allocated to producing malting barley seeds for Soufflet Group (France). 400 ha cropped for this purpose.