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Landrace (LL)

The DanAvl Landrace is one of the mother breeds in the DanAvl crossbreeding program for the production of YL gilts. The Landrace offers prime slaughter quality. Due to the high fertility of DanAvl Landrace, animals of this breed are often used as mother animals for Hybrid sows, which are considered the best crossbreed sows for the production of finishers. The DanAvl Landrace is a powerful pig with good legs. The breed is known for the good quality of its meat.

Yorkshire (YY)

Yorkshire (YY)

The DanAvl Yorkshire breed is used as a mother breed, just like the DanAvl Landrace. This breed is the best breed in relation to the production traits of daily weight gain, feed conversion ratio, lean meat percentage and also the meat quality, which is why this breed is also used (to a lesser extent however) as a father breed for finishers. The breed has good longevity and good mothering capabilities.

The production sow (DanAvl Hybrid)

The production sow (DanAvl Hybrid)

The production sow is a first cross (F1) between a DanAvl Landrace and a DanAvl Yorkshire. DanAvl Hybrid, sows have very high fertility, good teats, high life expectancy and are very friendly.


Duroc (DD)

DanAvl now owns the largest population of purebred DanAvl Duroc boars in the whole of Europe. The DanAvl Duroc breed makes a good father breed in conjunction with LY/YL sows. In Denmark, there is a long tradition for the use of DanAvl Duroc boars as a father breed and LY/YL sows as mother animals for finishers. With this three-breed cross, the pig producers have the full use of hybrid vigour/heterosis as well as optimum production results, a high lean meat percentage and good meat quality. For example, finishers from DanAvl Duroc boars have daily weight gain that is approximately 100 grams higher than finishers from Piétrain boars.


The high-quality fresh semen is imported from Denmark, Hatting station of artificial insemination. The genetics index of semen is minimum 122 which enables our clients to reach the same level of production performances as we have at our farms.

Sanitary status

We regularly test our animals according to SPF procedure.

Our farms have the highest health status and refer to the 4th compartment according to the Russian legislation.

Blood samples are taken on a monthly basis and analyzed for the diseases listed here. For each shipment of breeding animals to a client, animals are quarantined for 4 weeks and a full blood sample is taken from each animal and analyzed.

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We regularly test our animals according to SPF procedure. EuroGen transports breeding animals with company-owned enclosed livestock trailers equipped with an air filtration system to minimize the risk of contracting dangerous diseases while traveling through affected regions. It is a unique solution offered by EuroGen to ensure sanitary safety and welfare of transported animals.

We deliver to every region in Russia and the CIS.

Transport in a closed truck is like an insurance premium that guarantees that animals with a perfect health status in our farm arrive with the same sanitary status in your farm.