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Partnership with DanAvl

EuroGen, a part of Otrada group, is a genetic trading company, which provides healthy DanAvl breeding animals and professional services to modern pig producers.

DanAvl is the world’s leading and most innovative breeding system owned and managed by the Danish Pig Research Centre. According to the results of “Warentest” which was held in Germany and aimed at defining the world’s leading genetic system, DanAvl was claimed to be the most efficient. You can read more about DanAvl here.

EuroGen is the official vendor of DanAvl genetics and the exclusive distributor of Otrada Farms, which is the largest DanAvl multiplier in the world with 6 000 sows.

DanAvl implements the united system of ranking which is based on the breeding data collected from all multipliers across the world. Our farms are among the top multipliers thanks to the thorough management. Regular importation of fresh semen from Denmark enables Otrada Farms to keep a very high genetic index so as to sell YY and LY gilts with indexes above 100 and 90 respectively.

Our partnership with Danish Pig Research Centre obliges our clients to use animals only for internal needs. The royalties should be paid for each head bought by the client as a one-shot payment.

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