Otrada Farms is a licensed multiplier of DanAvl, the Danish national pig genetic company. DanAvl is the undisputed worldwide leader so far as technical and economic performances are concerned.

Otrada Farms has also been granted the status of Genetic Selection Center for Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc breeds by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. See the state register of genetics companies.

Three-way crossbreeding scheme

Animals eplacement


2 multiplication farms of 2 300 sows each provide 60 000 breeding animals per annum and make out of Otrada the biggest DanAvl multiplier in the world.

Otrada Farms produces in Russia all genetic material sold within the DanAvl system:

EuroGen, also part of the Otrada Group, is the exclusive distributor of the genetic material produced by Otrada Farms.

Otrada heavily invested in the bio-safety of its multiplication farms: