12 000 ha of land

grain storage
and feed production
60 000 t per annum

Hog production 140 000 heads per annum

Processing 1 500 t per annum


All hogs are slaughtered on farm in extremely modern slaughterhouses fully equipped with German equipment (HAAS).

Each slaughterhouse fits to the capacity of the finishing site it is built on. As a consequence, there are no hogs transfers in between farms of Otrada’s system and no livestock trucks are coming close to our farms. This considerably reduces the risk of spreading African Swine Fever and other diseases within our production system.

Absence of transportation also reduces the stress level of our animals which contributes to the quality of the meat Otrada is selling.

Additionally, we achieve:

  • Very high uniformity of carcasses;
  • High slaughtering yield: 72% head and trotters off.

All the carcasses produced in Otrada’s slaughterhouses are sold either through Moyalino retail network or through Torgoviy Dom Otrada to wholesale clients.