pig farming

More than 140 000 heads of hogs are produced at Otrada annually. DanAvl genetics and effective management allow us to reach exceptional production performances:

The feed conversion rate
2,7 kg/kg
Daily average
gain rate during fattening
2.7 kg/kg
153 days needed to reach the slaughter weight of 110 kg
farming The meat of hogs produced in accordance with DanAvl cross-breeding system is characterized by high uniformity of carcasses, high carcass cutting yield – 73%, high yield of lean meat (6.7% of fat only).

Moyalino is a one stop shopping concept which offers pork, beef and lamb meat products to its customers.

We have strict regulations on use of antibiotics, only on a case by case basis when recommended by the veterinarian in order to treat a specific disease when it occurs. The usage of hormones treatment and growth enhancers is strictly forbidden at our farms.

From birth we take care that animals are treated with the compassion, dignity and respect that they deserve. This attention means providing wholesome feed, clean water, medical care and an environment that promotes the well-being of our animals.

We cooperate with veterinarians from Denmark in order to minimize and to ensure the best possible medical care for animals at the farms.

All above enable us to provide the right environment for animals and to improve their health and welfare in order to achieve the balance between greater ethical consideration for animals and the realities of the market.