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Moyalino, meaning piglet in Italian, has been created by the Otrada group of companies as the brand name of its meat retail business, the last stage of its fully vertically integrated swine business.

Moyalino is designed to fundamentally change the way meat is distributed in Russia to end customers. The French “Boucheries de Quartiers” have inspired the concept that also bears on a resolutely modern design of outlets where cleanness and transparency rule the game. French style meat cuts and French / Italian delicatessen products, all produced in Russia according to original recipes, enable the Russian customer to access the best of European gastronomy and in so doing share the founders’ “passion for meat”.

Moyalino is a one stop shopping concept which offers pork, beef and lamb meat products to its customers.

The busy ones will also find in our shops enough high quality side products (canned vegetables, pasta, sauces, etc.) to cook a balanced meal without having to stop in any another shop.