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On the way from a small commercial farm to a fully integrated swine company

Moyalino opens 2 more shops in Lipetsk
Rebranding to Otrada Group
Construction of 2nd slaughterhouse
Taking over of small meat processing plant in Vladimir Region
Obtaining status of SGTs
Moyalino opens 3 more shops
Construction of 30 000 t grain storage
Delivery of breeding animals with closed trucks
Construction of 1st slaughterhouse
Construction of 2nd 2 300 sow multiplication farm: Farm 4
Taking over and remodeling of broken asset into 700 sows commercial farm: Farm 3
First harvest
Moyalino opens 1st shop
Purchase of 6 000 ha of arable land in Terbuny
Russian status of Multiplier
Construction of Feed Mill
Full switch to DanAvl genetics
OtradaGen licensed multiplier of DanAvl
Construction of 2 300 sow DanAvl multiplication farm: Farm 2
EuroGen licensed vendor of DanAvl
First sales
Remodeling of 1 000 sow commercial farm: Farm 1
Incorporation of OtradaGen
OtradaGen was established in the Lipetsk Oblast by a group of Russian and foreign investors.
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