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Mission and values

our mission

Making healthy and tasty pork meat affordable for all Russian consumers while preserving the Nature.

Our values

Customer satisfaction
There is no such a thing as a company without clients. Customer satisfaction is therefore the key stone of our corporate strategy. In order to establish a long term relationship with our clients we carefully listen to their requirements and implement the required changes so as to keep on providing the best to them.
Innovation and excellence
Innovation has been part of Otrada’s DNA since its incorporation and made its success so far. We therefore invest very important resources in cutting edge of technologies and aim towards excellence in all what we are doing. It is part of our goals to push innovations to our customers so as to enable them to outperform their competitors.
Respect and transparency are the mandatory basements on which Otrada has built its relationships with all its business partners (customers, suppliers, shareholders, banks, administration, etc.).
Social responsibility
We do believe that the Company’s social responsibility does not border to its employees, communities in which our operations are located and the Russian Federation in general. It also extends to the Nature and the animal beings we are in charge of. We as a consequence manage our operations in full respect of the sustainability of the natural resources we use and of animal welfare.
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