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Our News


The first batch of animals entered Otrada’s quarantine facility

In order to secure the bio-safety of multiplication farms, Otrada has built its own quarantine facility in Dobrinka District, the Lipetsk Oblast. The premises designed for keeping 120 heads at a time are used for quarantine of gilts and boars that are transferred in between Otrada’s farms. The animals stay at quarantine for 4 weeks. During this period blood samples are taken for further analysis in Vladimir laboratory.



Otrada has opened its own washing hall

Since now all Otrada’s closed livestock trucks are washed and disinfected at the Company’s own washing hall in Dobrinka District, the Lipetsk Oblast. Full control of washing and disinfection processes guarantees the highest sanitary status of animals that are transferred between Otrada’s farms and shipped to the clients.

In future all Otrada’s refrigerator tucks, including those which are used for shipments of carcasses to Moyalino shops, will be washed and disinfected at Otrada’s own washing hall.



New Claas Lexion 770 combines harvest the crops at Otrada’s fields

New highly-efficient Claas Lexion 770 combines started harvesting wheat and barley at Otrada’s fields located in Dobrinka and Terbuny Districts, the Lipetsk Oblast. The combines’ capacity is 7 ha per hour. In order to increase productivity, the grain is being unloaded in motion. 12 meter harvesters permit to use controlled traffic lanes and prevent the compaction of soil.



The 5th Moyalino shop was opened in Lipetsk

On June, 23rd, 2017 the 5th Moyalino butchery opened its doors for customers in the “Lipetsk” trade center (Studionovskaya, 124 A). The shop of a new format offers the whole range of chilled pork, beef and mutton, ready-to-cook and smoked products, sausages and grocery. Convenient trade center location and large parking area provide excellent shopping experience for Moyalino customers.

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