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pig farming

At our farms we implement the methods of Danish pig breeding system which is known as the world’s most efficient. It means that we use Danish:

  • markPig farm construction technology
  • markVet supervision
  • markEquipment
  • markPremixes
  • markManagement principles
  • markGenetics
  • markAnimal welfare standards

Otrada is officially licensed by the Danish VSP system as a DanAvl multiplier and by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture as a Genetics Selection Center for Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc

We strictly apply DanAvl’s three-way crossbreeding system:


As a mother line, DanAvl Landrace (LL)

is characterized by excellent slaughter quality, high fertility rate and good meat quality.

Yorkshire (YY)

As another mother line, DanAvl Yorkshire (YY)

is known for its high daily gain rate, low feed conversion rate, high percent lean meat and also for its good meat quality.


As a sire line, DanAvl terminal Duroc (DD)

provides full efficiency to heterosis and DLY piglets optimize production results with high lean meat percent and excellent meat quality. DanAvl terminal Duroc has 100g daily weight gain more than Pietrain boars.

Three-way crossbreeding sceme


DanAvl Yorkshire (YY)


DanAvl Landrace (LL) копия


DanAvl Hybrid (F1)


DanAvl Durok (DD)


At our breeding farms we have achieved the following performances:

average offspring index
Liveborn piglets per litter
Weaned piglets per litter
Weaned piglets per sow per year

Thus, Otrada outperforms best European pig breeding enterprises.

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