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Otrada farms 12 000 ha in the Districts of Terbuny and Dobrinka, the Lipetsk Oblast. 40% of land is direct ownership and the remaining part is rented within the framework of long term contracts.

Production focuses on pig feed ingredients:

Grain (energy)
Oil seeds and legumes (proteins)

Otrada produces 100% of the grain needed to feed its pigs in a closed-loop framework so as to operate in a totally sustainable agriculture mode.

Otrada’s land farming operations are designed for sustainable agriculture:
  • Controlled traffic farming (the width of all our equipment is a multiple of 12 m) so as to avoid compaction and leave nature doing its work.
  • Cover crops in order to maintain the organic content of soil and reduce the needs for cultivation / ploughing.
  • Minimum tillage (with an aim towards full direct seeding) so as to keep moisture and worms in the soil.
  • Replacement of the bulk of chemical fertilizer by pig manure that also contributes to increase the organic content of soil.

All equipment is imported from Europe so as to have the most up to date production tools in order to optimize productivity and fully control the status of the land resources we use:

Excess grain production capacity is allocated to producing barley seeds in cooperation with the Russian subsidiary of the French Soufflet Group. 1 800 ha have been allocated to their purpose the 2016 / 2017 campaign.

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