In April 2021, new equipment with the IVOS II Viadent system, the most ergonomic and fastest system for animal semen analysis thus far, was installed on Farm 2.1.

IVOS II Viadent is an Innovative CASA system (a computer assisted semen analyzer), which is used, both in production and in the process of quality control of ready-made semen doses, detecting morphological anomalies and measuring concentration and motility, while minimizing subjective assessment by man.

Otrada is the first Russian company, which installed CASA with an additional fluorescence module – IVOS II Viadent. With the help of this function, the company's specialists will be able to make additional research on the semen viability and be sure that the semen is not only motile but also fertile. Thus, with the help of a new system we hope to reach productivity increase, semen quality improvement and measurement accuracy enhancement, and as a result we expect to get even better products, made by Otrada, to the market.