Otrada offers high-quality, genotyped, and tested animals

  • Otrada Duroc boars characterized by robustness, rapid growth, and high quality of meat
  • Otrada Yorkshire gilts and boars for the production of robust gilts
  • Otrada Landrace gilts and boars for producing numerous offspring
  • Otrada LY with exceptional prolificacy and excellent maternal qualities

Our advanced technologies - your high profits

We cooperate with PIC Danish Lines, improve our technologies and perform a precise selection of animals, to make your profits higher. We collect phenotypes and genotypes with high precision to accelerate genetic progress and make it more accessible for you.

We achieve high results at our farms and share our experience with our customers so that their performances also grow.

We are working to accelerate genetic progress on the relevant traits of maternal and terminal lines

Here is what is possible expect in 5 years
+ 1.9
liveborn piglets
+ 1 460 kg
sold live weight per sow per year
- 0.17 kg/kg
feed conversion rate
+ 46 g
average daily weight gain from birth to slaughter

Animals for sale

Maternal line

Otrada Yorkshire

Purebred gilts and boars

High fertility, excellent feed conversion, and high quality of meat.

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Terminal line

Otrada Duroc

Effective terminal boar with the consistently high weight gain

Improved growth, low feed conversion rate, excellent meat quality, high lean meat percentage even up to heavy weight.

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Maternal line

Otrada Landrace

Purebred gilts and boars

High prolificacy, robustness, optimal body condition, excellent slaughter performances, high quality of meat.

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Maternal line

Otrada LY

Hybrid gilt of Landrace and Yorkshire breeds

Excellent prolificacy, improved functionality, best maternal merits of the two parental breeds.

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