Cooperation with PIC genetic company has a direct impact not only on the processes and work organization at the farm, but also on the equipment that helps implement certain tasks. Thus, equipment by the Austrian company Schauer was installed at Farm 4 to accurately collect data and evaluate the feed efficiency of breeding boars. 24 stations for recording individual feed consumption were installed in a separate room; these are used to record the weight gains and the amount of feed intake for each promising boar. This enables selection of really efficient boars with a high market weight and the best performance. Now every week 30 Duroc boars and 15 white Landrace and/or Yorkshire boars will be sent for testing in order to choose the best animals.
All data from the installed equipment are evaluated and entered into the PICTraq® software by the genetic selection team, for further analysis by PIC experts. As a result, animals will be assigned more precise indexes based on the collected data.