We are glad to share the latest issue of the Expert Opinion project, where we presented the first results of individual testing of the terminal line boars.

The figures are really impressive: the index reaches 158, the daily weight gain (35–130 kg) is 1,457 g/day, and the feed conversion ratio reaches 1.72 kg/kg. The results of individual testing give our customers a clear idea of the genetic value of each boar, as well as of its potential.

Individual testing helps very accurately estimate the production performances (weight gain, growth rate, feed conversion ratio, carcass quality, etc.), confirm the index of each animal and offer the customers three categories of boars depending on the index. The best tested Otrada Duroc boars indicate high quality of the animals and will be offered to customers in the Profit+ and ProfitMax categories, as animals with the highest genetic potential and maximum performance.

To read more about the testing process and the value of its results for producers, please follow the link.