The start of cooperation with PIC marked the beginning of a new stage in the development of Otrada. From the function of a multiplier, Otrada is transitioning to the level of an elite nucleus farm, where it will be engaged in deeper pig breeding. For this purpose, the company has established a genetic selection team.

The team began its acquaintance with the new area by collecting phenotypic data: birth weight, weight at 20 weeks, number and score of teats, defects, leg score, fat depth and loin depth measurement. The obtained data are entered into a specially developed program — PICTraq. The team will soon begin selection of the materials for DNA tests and genomic selection of purebred animals. In addition, a contract is underway for supply of equipment for feed efficiency control stations where boars of dam and terminal lines will be tested. The station is an automated ad libitum feeding system that enables to continuously and accurately monitor the amount of feed freely consumed by each individual pig (group-housed, from 12 to 20 weeks of age). Thus, all collected data will be entered into the system and sent for analysis to PIC. As a result, we will be able to obtain more accurate indices carefully calculated not only on the basis of genetic relations, but also taking into account the received phenotypic data.
Boar testing will become an additional sales tool available to the breeding animals sales team. Otrada will be able to offer its customers tested boars with proven performance.